It is very scary when you are told that your dog will need surgery. It is the one thing we always want to avoid for ourselves, and we can be sure that you wanted to avoid this for your dog too. But there are moments where you may not have much of a choice. We want to talk to you about those situations. For instance, if a vet tells you that a dog knee brace is the only way that you can help your dog, you may assume they are telling you the right information. But what is this surgery? And what other options do you have?

The first thing that you have to know is that it is one of the most common surgeries that is done on a dog that has a CCL injury. When their cranial cruciate ligament is injured, the surgery is often recommended as the solution that will help the dog feel better. The goal is to get the knee to a position where it is now able to withstand its own weight, and move around in the way that it did before. But you have to know that no surgery is without some complications. And those are the things that you will just have to deal with if you are worried about it.

tplo surgery

What are the complications? There are cases where an infection can set in the area. The most common reason why an infection happens is when the dog is licking the wound. That is why it will be important to ensure a dog has a lampshade collar on them for a while after the surgery. That will ensure they cannot lick the area, and there will be no infection. But what else can go wrong? We have to talk about all the pros and cons of this surgery.

Another issue is that dogs will start activity too soon. Again, it will be vital the owner is there to supervise everything and to ensure the dog is not running around like crazy a couple of weeks after the surgery. Even if the dog feels good, it is about ensuring the area has time to heal. If the healing is not allowed to happen in peace, there will be some serious complications down the road.