There are so many fascinating aspects about crypto currencies that we want to talk about today. Whether you are someone who has always paid attention to currencies like bitcoin and ethereum, or you are just learning about them right now, we believe that you will want to pay attention to this information. And we also believe that you are going to want to think very hard about how you can get into a position to get the latest ethereum news when it is coming out. If you care about bitcoin and ethereum, you will want the best news and you will want it quickly.

The reality is that when you want to get bitcoin and ethereum news before anyone else, you cannot look to sites that are known for mainstream market analysis. While those sites are great if you want to know about the Dollar, stock market or even things like gold, you are not going to get the latest and most interesting analysis of the bitcoin and ethereum markets. Why? Because the people who are working for those sites do not specialize in these crypto currencies. They have a passing interest, and nothing more.

But we know that you are one of those people who knows very well that it is all about getting ahead of the curve where crypto currencies are concerned. You know that if you are serious about how this process works, you are going to want to ensure that you have all the latest news. Let us say that you have invested some money in bitcoin. And you now are fully aware that you have a very valuable stake in bitcoin. It is worth a lot. But you are wondering whether it will be worth more in the future, or you are running the risk of keeping this investment.

That is the kind of information that can be a little difficult to assess. But we are going to help you out. We are going to tell you all about how you can ensure that you have all the latest details. When you have these details, you are going to know that you are on top of the pile in terms of who will make the best moves. You will know about the news articles that indicate a price shift could be occurring in the coming weeks and months.

ethereum news

Remember that bitcoin is not the easiest to sell. It does take some time. So if you are reading some news stories that make you think that a drop in price could be coming in the coming weeks, or there is some major decision that will impact the price, you will want to react early. Sometimes it is better to sell a little early, instead of taking a massive risk and having a huge loss on your investment. That is what you will have to learn. Buying and selling bitcoin is not as seamless as investing in the forex market. That is why you must be more proactive.

Canvas art has become a new commodity in recent years. Companies like Ikonick have entered the marketplace and really created a niche in the art world.  But what are the advantages of canvas versus paper?

·    Canvas has no glare.

·    Canvas has wrap around images, eliminating the need for a frame.

·    Canvas is lighter and does less damage to your walls.

·    Canvas is much easier to create huge sizes without losing image quality.


·    When done by professionals like Ikonick, canvas creates a window into an open space in a new world.

·    Canvas mimics painting and creates a more authentic feeling.

·    Canvas can be installed in bathrooms with no fear of the image melting or bleeding.

·    You can hang multiple canvas pieces together to create a puzzle-piece display of a larger picture.

·    Canvas is generally more cost effective.

·    Paper prints have classic frames that can be art pieces in and of themselves.

·    Black and white prints are stunning on paper.

·    Paper prints show more detail.

Ultimately it’s up to you whether or not you want to go with a canvas piece of art. Frames are very traditional. It’s a classic that will never go out of style. A matted and framed photograph has a timeless appeal. Just make sure the frame matches the rest of the décor.

While canvas may not have the pinpoint detail that paper can achieve, the range of colors and shadows are brilliantly displayed on canvas. The rich and vibrant canvas really does make the image come alive. Without a frame to cut off the image, the picture can seemingly go on forever. It creates a snapshot of a moment that really captures how you might remember it in your mind’s eye.

Play around with the two and see which works best for you.

Just remember when choosing prints, you want high quality paper or canvas. Ensure that the paper is a cotton based matte paper. The canvas should be UV and dust protected. This will make for certain that your prints last a lifetime without fading or becoming damaged. No sense in spending the money on a high quality print and it only lasting a few years.